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Invent Design provides unrivalled design and drafting expertise for clients across Australia. See below for examples of our work. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, contact our team today.

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At Invent Design our extensive industry experience and successful delivery of many different types of projects showcases our ability to find the best solutions for our clients.These case studies demonstrate our past successes and present strengths.

Case Study #1

Invent Design (ID) were recently engaged by a central Queensland mine site to solve an issue regarding one of their conveyors. Their Surface Crushing Facility employs multiple conveyors within a circuit, one of which is a stacker conveyor. This stacker conveyor had been operating at or above its capacity and had been a bottle neck in the plant for some time as it had various design, construction and maintenance issues. This issue was having a significant impact on production costs in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly and causing significant delays.

Discussions were held on site with the key personnel to discuss these concerns and ID assisted in identifying the root causes of the problems. Some of the items addressed were capacity throughput, ease of maintenance/repair access, easily accessible safety pull-wires, spare parts commonality, poor lighting and spillages, to name a few.

To overcome the problem something innovative was required and ID presented three viable options. With site input one of these was chosen that they felt best fit their needs. Invent Design provided a design solution that not only addressed all of the site’s primary concerns but were able to improve throughput capacity by 40+% and help the site meet and exceed their targets.

The design of their new stacker included detailed and fabrication drawings and was delivered on budget and under time across multiple disciplines.

Case Study #2

A vehicle inspection station in Brisbane had a near catastrophic incident when a prime mover became separated from its trailer during recoupling due to driver error. The prime mover launched forward and down the exit ramp without anybody behind the wheel and careered across a 4 four lane arterial road and crashed into the side of a house.

Thankfully no one was injured but it brought to light a significant flaw in the inspection procedures which needed to be addressed as soon as possible. After bidding for the project along with two other large design firms in town, ID was awarded the project.

ID provided 3 proposals for consideration and after discussions with the client, the best option to suit their operations was agreed upon. The new gate will mitigate any future runaway scenarios and is now part of the standard operating procedures.


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