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Mechanical & Structural Design & Drafting

Invent Design offer structural and mechanical design and are experts in material handling solutions. We also provide designs for new and existing mine equipment and plant as well as structural certification. The team can develop from concept stage through to manufacture and we work with our clients to make sure their requirements are met.


Based in Brisbane, our team supports companies across Australia with industry leading engineering design and drafting services and have successfully completed many greenfield and brownfield project designs.


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Why Our Mechanical and Structural Drafting is Brisbane’s Best

We utilise top down mechanical drafting and machine design methods to allow for a fully integrated equipment design, passing on the benefits to our clients, such as:

  • Predictable operating costs

  • Minimise risk of poor functional performance

  • Minimise unnecessary administration


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Our Equipment Design Philosophy

Our philosophy has been developed over 20 years of working with Australia’s leading mining mechanical designers, manufacturers and consultants.

Our intention is to create simple yet highly refined and functional machine designs utilising the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

This is done with mechanical and structural drafting that minimises and rationalises the number of components and material types used, and designing with a preference for automated machine processes over time-consuming manual processes.

Our experience shows that by designing in a way which minimises human set-out, labour time and the number of manufacturing process speeds up assembly time creating more efficient and economical solutions.

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Key Takeaways


We Use Pressed Corners

Where possible we use pressed corners over welded joints as this type of joint requires less set-out time and avoids more expensive welding process.

Standard Model Parts

We utilise an extensive library of standard parts which reduces documentation and administration time.

CNC Profile Designs

Our designs favour the use of CNC profile cut plate over standard section and flat bar which frequently require more time-consuming manual processes.

Minimising Waste

Avoiding unnecessary changes in material size which increases material handling and wastage costs.

Reducing Number of Parts and Shipping Costs

We preference modular, containerised design which reduces shipping costs and site installation time.


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