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Are You and Your Team Up to Speed on Conveyor Safety ?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Personal Safety Around Conveyor Systems
Personal Safety Around Conveyor Systems

There are various personal hazards associated with working on or near a conveyor. Rotating parts or ‘pinch points’ can drag, crush or entangle clothing and body parts; items can break or be ejected/fall from the conveyor system; and there can be electrical, fire or explosion hazards.

Another element to working with conveyors that can be easily overlooked are repetitive motions such as reaching and lifting. If the design has not considered repetitive human movement or poorly placed components that require access, this may lead to muscular injury if designed in an unergonomic way.

Personal Safety Measures to Consider:

  • Know the location of the emergency "shut-off" devices and how to use them

  • Make sure all safeguards including guards, barriers, guardrails, warning signals, and other safety devices are in place and operational

  • Know how to work near machinery safely

  • Wear Hi-Vis, hard hat and steel capped boots

  • Tie back long hair

Avoid the Following:

  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelery

  • Do not remove guards or safety devices

  • Do not try to remove debris until the conveyor is locked out.

  • Do not climb, step, sit or ride on the conveyors!

These are only a handful of tips which we hope has provided some insight or at the very least has refreshed your memory on this vital topic. Maybe it is time to review your conveyors and identify areas that can be improved. We can help mine operators achieve this. Talk to us today...

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